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APOPTOSIS Nutraceuticals



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An adequate and restful sleep provides the chance for the brain to recuperate, repair and revitalize.
Our Brain cells produce different Neurotransmitters. NueroCalm replenishes the required nutraceuticals for the brain to relax, improves sleep quality for a more energetic morning the next day.
B-Complex vitamins and specifically GABA have relaxing effect on the brain. GABA is responsible for the regulation of muscle tone and regulates the growth of embryonic and neuronal stem cells.
Alcoholic drinks produce their relaxing effect through simulation of GABA receptors.
Chamomile an essential oil together with the proprietary blend of botanicals in NeuroCalm have been shown to fight stress, promote relaxation, ease anxiety and alleviate depression.
Chamomile benefits also include soothing the body, relieving mild pain and fighting skin irritations. 5-HTP or precursor to Serotonin creates happiness and calmness.
For a more relaxing sleep, sleep in total darkness, your brain does not go into a deep sleep mode if there is any light around.

APOPTOSIS Nutraceuticals are manufactured in USA and in FDA and GMP approved facilities that adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring that you receive a product that you can trust.

Take 1 or 2 capsules every night before going to bed.

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