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APOPTOSIS Nutraceuticals

Alpha LA, Support Healthy Nerves and Glucose Metabolism

Alpha LA, Support Healthy Nerves and Glucose Metabolism

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Alpha LA is a universal antioxidant with exceptional health benefits including neutralizing free radical damages on DNA and supporting DNA repair.

By reducing Insulin Resistance and by burning blood sugar into Energy through an aerobic metabolic pathway, Alpha LA helps in balancing blood sugar. 

Alpha LA is known to support healthy Nerves and helps in reducing the risk of Diabetic neuropathy and retinopathy by supporting APOPTOSIS.  Studies have shown that in treating neuropathy caused by diabetes or cancer treatment, Alpha LA may lower blood sugar levels, improve nerve function, and relieve uncomfortable symptoms in the hands, arms and legs such as pain, itching, tingling, prickling and numbness. 

Alpha LA increases ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) the strongest form of Energy which enhances cellular healing and cellular energy and by lowering the levels of BUN (Blood Urea Nitrogen), Creatinine and Inflammatory Cytokines, can help reduce Kidney injuries. 

In return by reducing Inflammatory Cytokines / Inflamm-aging and improving blood flow in the cells Alpha LA has a protective function in the body and may help prevent and postpone damage to the cells of every organ. 

Alpha LA neutralizes Aldehydes and helps in Heavy Metal Chelation, to detox the body by eliminating free radicals and protecting the Kidneys from Iron toxicity and chemotherapy.


The best time to take Alpha LA is early mornings to create energy.

For Chelation effects two capsules can be taken twice per day.


APOPTOSIS Nutraceuticals are manufactured in USA and in FDA and GMP approved facilities that adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring that you receive a product that you can trust.


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